War of The Eternals

Chapter 1: Incursion

Our heroes awaken to a strange fate…

Shit. Well, the strong smell of dog shit.

They are unconscious on the floor of a small room. Of our adventurers it is Pisky Underbough the Ranger who awakens first, followed shortly by the Sorcerer Avaan Blackstep. Pisky was at the open door ready to head out of the room on his own. With him was a large dog. After some awkward first introductions, they decide to check the other 2 unconscious occupants. On rolling the snoring large fighter over, Avaan finds himself conversing with a rather testy talking axe. It insists that they should not to wake up his master. They ask the axe who he is and it introduces his master as Lochabar Brehrsan of Brehrsan Farm and Brewery. Pisky decides to poke the other body. The Half Elf stirs and after some more quick introductions the Rogue Mokosha Totchki suspiciously weighs up her new companions and new surroundings. The room lurches again.

It is then that the Fighter stirs and after some protest to being disturbed, proceeds to roll over and go back to sleep. His thick accent and boorish manners are enough to convince the others to leave him and turn their attention to finding out where the corridors go to. The axe starts to nag the Fighter and he finally gets up. After more introductions and discussions about Advog, the dog then lumbers over to Lochabar, sniffs him, urinates on his leg, give him a lick and then trots back over to his master. Conversations turn to what each member remembers about their last movements before waking up in the room. They can’t recall anything suspicious. Avaan then has an idea. He turns to Lochabar and asks if he can talk with his axe. He then asks the axe what happened to Lochabar. It described … the appearance of a War Mage, abduction, piles of unconscious bodies, a large magical portal, dumping in this room.

After some discussion, it is suggested that the Ranger and the Rogue scout the surrounding corridors. Pisky going left and Mokosha heading right. Lochabar asks his axe what the rooms were made of. It answered a particular type of wood that was used in making warships. He wanted to cut his way out. Eventually the entire party ends up following Mokosha. The boat lurches and everyone ends up crashing into the wall on top of one another. We notice Lochabar is more adept and graceful in his tumbling. Pisky points out that it feels like we are going around in circles. Avaan suggest we keep turning left. While the party is debating what to do, Lochabar’s axe suggests the gentleman in black had a good suggestion.

Getting back to the room, it is realised that nobody had searched the room. Apart from a weapon stand with a broken spear, and an old pipe, there is a small shelf with a book on it titled in Elvish “Songs of the War”. Avaan opens the book and see that it is written in elvan writing. He tosses it to the Half Elf to read, who coincidently says she can only half read it. A map falls onto the floor. At this point Lochabar turns and thinking out loud hits upon a profound realisation.

“War ships. War Mage. Songs of War… there is maybe a pattern forming here, no?”

Looking at the map, the party discusses how they should go about exploring it. It is then that Avaan takes out a black feather and magically summons his familiar R2, who is a raven. They both share empathic link and this enables Avaan to see through his eyes. R2 was unimpressed by his sudden summoning. In a deft display of passive aggressive flying, he flies off to explore the corridors. The first corridor they chose is one that leads to a question mark. Curiously when R2 gets to that point on the map, Avaan sees the back of his own head and the raven then lands on his shoulder. A portal? He is then sent around the corridors and reveals that most of them are a closed loop leading nowhere. This only leaves two rooms. On examining the furthest away, the raven gets to the door and hears scuffing inside and senses a creature present to which it exhibits slight fear.

The party chooses the other room on the map with a circle in the centre of it. Mokosha checks for traps and on listing at the door, Pisky hears a drubbing sound. Lochabar is confused by this and suspects it may be a giant bee. Mokosha opens the door and enters the room. She sees a large shimmering energy curtain before her. The rest of the party join her once they know that it is safe. It is at this point Avaan’s familiar R2 decides to rudely piss off on him, and disappears in a cloud of feathers. Looking at the curtain, Lochabar gestures as if to suggest to test it by poking it. Avaan misinterprets this as suggesting that they push the Ranger through. Lochabar walks up to it and puts his arm in. He feels pain and is sucked through. In the following discussion over what had just happened, Pisky loses patience and expresses that he’s had enough of this place and jumps into the curtain of energy. He feels immediate nausea and throws up. His dog jumps in after him.

Avaan and Mokosha are left wondering what to do. During their debate over what to do after lochabar’s departure, Pisky had said an interesting thing that had stirred Avaan’s curiosity. What if the other room had treasure in it? So what if there was a creature in the room? They were seasoned adventurers after all. Surely they’d be able to handle whatever was behind the other door. They decide that checking out the other room couldn’t hurt. They conceived the plan to look in the room and if whatever was in there was bad, they would run and high tail it back to the portal. Listening at the door, the Rogue hears movement and heavy shuffling. After checking for traps she throws the door open. Before them is a bloody great Dia Lion! Faced with the danger of a huge ferocious beast jumping towards them, our brave heroes run away and got the fuck out of there. They launched through the portal.

Lochabar and Pisky found themselves in a bright white room with several rows of energy curtain portals lining each side of the length of the room. The journey had made Pisky violently ill. He arrived in time to see Lochabar being picked up and restrained by two large armoured soldiers in blue battle colours. In his helpless state he was soon apprehended by a third knight. Hellon barked and growled at his captor. As they were struggling against their mysterious assailants, the next event happened very quickly. Out of the portal they had just arrived through came Avaan. He was screaming “RUN!” as burst into the room and then comically slipped in Pisky’s vomit, falling face first in the mess. Behind him, Mokosha appeared and crashed and toppled over him and they lay contorted in a heap against the wall.

Then through the portal came the huge ferocious Dia Lion. As it surveyed the room it picked out Lochabar and lunged at him. Still restrained by his captors, he was powerless to defend himself. As it’s sharp teeth and out stretched claws were just about upon him, a blade fell through the animals neck, cleanly beheading it. The head proceeded to hit Lochabar in the face. Drawing to his full height, the soldier who had struck the fatal blow stands and turns to the party and says:

“Welcome to the War.”

From the crumpled tangle of bodies on the floor comes a muffled lament from Avaan.

“Ah… Shit!”


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