An alcoholic beverage enjoyed throughout certain lands.


Advog is the result of a fermentation process involving potatoes, ryes, and barleys.

Red wine is added during the distillation process which gives advog a distinctive blood-red tinge.

Advog drinkers are frequently referred to as vampires (or wampirs in the common dialect) due to the semi-permanent red stain around the lips that excessive advog binge drinking can lead to.

Advog drinkers, getting their “run” on, are said to have a “blood thirst”.


The historic roots of advog can be traced back to a house of royalty in the northern region. The lords and ladies of the land were known for their debauched parties and engaged in frequent blood-magic play at the expense of local common-folk.

Advog was originally made from the ingredients listed above… and blood.

“Standard” advog is offered in almost all inns, taverns, and watering holes. It is the “blood of life” to many an adventurer.

“Traditional” advog, offered in some regional higher-class establishments, is brewed with the blood of stock animals, such as cow, goat, or sheep.

“Authentic” advog, still enjoyed in exotic and upper-class establishments, is brewed with the blood of living sentients. This practice has been outlawed however, as the process of drainage can be fatal. Poorer classes sometimes “donate” their blood to black-market dealers, but it is a very risky business with a high mortality rate.


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