WarDragons are part living creature, part automaton.

Their growth is accelerated artificially via magic and their natural armour reinforced with an exoskeleton. They are titanically strong, universally feared, but are terribly short-lived compared to their natural counterparts. A WarDragon’s life expectancy is comparable to that of a human being, give or take a few decades due to the danger they are made to face by their controllers who “fly” the WarDragons. A WarDragon and its WarMaster have a symbiotic relationship, characterised by an intense love (on the Master’s side) and hate (on the Dragon’s side).

The link between a WarDragon and its WarMaster is proximity-dependant. The closer a Master and Dragon are physically, the stronger the link. Masters are thus housed in specially reinforced cages directly over the dragon’s brain.

If a WarMaster is killed or removed suddenly, a WarDragon will be temporarily rendered insane.

WarDragons are used as incredible beasts of burden. They are capable of carrying a Dreadnaught into battle, which are typically carried over enemy lines or into coastal waters and dropped, covered by the WarDragon’s catastrophic fire attacks.


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