Dreadnaughts are the crown jewel in the Alliance’s war effort.

Classed as “Titanic War Machines”, these massive airborne vehicles are akin to an ark, full of warriors, magic users, and magical assault creatures.

Dreadnaughts are typically hauled into battle over long distances carried by a WarDragon.

Magic is employed over shorter distances or when “landing” a Dreadnaught.

Landing is a loose term. It is more like dropping with violent, and pinpoint accuracy.

Dreadnaughts are usually deployed into coastal areas as the combination of an ocean landing and magic sufficiently softens the potential damage and loss of cargo from a less controlled landing.

The WarDragon provides cover for the Dreadnaught as it lands, so the typical scenario in this theatre of war is a wet landing followed by an inferno of death on land.

It’s pretty intense.


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